Book Trivia & The Paper Chase

Every Sunday at 5 pm  SLT, the Bookstacks Trivia Game is held at the Bookstacks Pub in SL. The game has 25 Literary questions on various topics – previous topics have included Shakespeare, Science Fiction, Poetry, Myths & Legends, colors, weather, and many others. Questions can range from incredibly easy (how fast can you type?) to insanely difficult (brush up those Googling skills!) with everything in between. Even if you don’t get the answers, the commentary from contestants make the event worth attending.

Googling is allowed and whoever answers a question first in public chat gets 5 points. Correct spelling is not mandatory, as long as it’s reasonably close (to be determined by the host). At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins and is awarded the $500L prize and well-deserved bragging rights.

Topical costumes are encouraged, and prizes are awarded to the wearer of the best costume by Age & Country Hotel.

The Paper Chase

A new event has been added each month – The Paper Chase. It combines the ever popular SL pass time, a treasure hunt, with literary knowledge. Fine the pages that have escaped the cover of the book, return them and put the clues together to determine the answer.

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Sunday Book Events

You can find a different event taking place on most Sundays at 11 am SLT/PDT.

Book Lovers’ Sunday Social – Bookstacks evolved from a regular Sunday book discussion among friends, and we continue that tradition with the Sunday Socials. Share your latest read, your most recent Second Life adventure, or your thoughts on just about any topic under the sun. This is a laid back gathering, so stop in and join the discussion.

Sunday book discussions range from specific book discussions to general topics. Previous talks and hosts include Shakespeare hosted by Kghia Gherardi, YA fiction hosted by Salamander and Cayce Clary, and children’s fiction hosted by Lludmila Mirrikh. If you have ideas for discussion topics or would be interested in hosting a discussion, please leave a notecard in the drop box at The Bookstacks.

Poetry and Pints – Bookstacks is filled with lovers of all kinds of literature. Poetry and Pints is an opportunity to share poems by some of our favorite poets. The event is held in voice, but if you aren’t comfortable reading the poems yourself, one of the other participants would be happy to do so. This event is held on the first Sunday of each month.

These events may be held at The Bookstacks Pub or at other SL locations that will be
announced as they come up.

Reading Groups

Cozy Mysteries Reading Group

They’re light and refreshing! Just the thing with a nice cup of redbush tea and the stale virtual cake leftover from a previous program. Join Lludmila Mirrikh as she leads a discussion of cozies, classic and new.

As for what’s up next, Lludmilla’s open to suggestions!

Little Pub of Horrors

Each month author Emerain Rich leads a discussion about horror fiction.

BiblioMax Reading Group

Info coming soon

One-Off Book Discussions

Sometimes we just come across a good book and we want to talk about it.

Additional Groups at Bookstacks

Poetry Libre – Open Mic Poetry Readings

Every Sunday at 2 p.m., The Bookstacks has the honor of hosting the Poetry Libre Open Mic readings. Hosted by Leonardo Zimring and Serene Bechir, this well attended event is a great way to hear some of Second Life’s best poets.

Science Fiction Saturdays

Jago Constantine leads a weekly discuss of science fiction in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Bookstacks Pub. Got something to say about the book
you’re reading? Share your insights with us! You’re welcome to come and just listen too! We’ll happily discuss sci-fi books, television and movies – but mostly books!

If you think you might come along, bring some thoughts on the last science fiction you read, what you’re reading now, and what you want to read next!

Holding Your Event at Bookstacks

Bookstacks is happy to host book-related groups on our sim. Bookstacks is on a full sim, so there is plenty of room for your guests and members, and we do not charge lit-related groups for the use. We are happy to have you. If you are interested in holding your events or meetings there, contact Simeon Beresford or Kghia Gherardi to make arrangements.

Rentals at Awen

Bookstacks Isle is located at Awen. In addition to the main island, Awen rents
residential and light commercial space. Contact Simeon Beresford for additional details and availability.