Footlight Confidential with Lauren Weyland May 19

For the month of May, Footlight Confidential is proud to announce that our guest is the incomparable Lauren Weyland. Lauren performs the stand-up live comedy routine LaurenLive, in which she talks about the peculiarities and quirks of living in SecondLife and FirstLife!

About Lauren Weyland

Lauren was born on Sandbox Island on October 1, 2006 into a relatively modest family. Poorly educated and half naked she was turned out into the world, unable to learn the craft of building or scripting, Lauren instead made watercress sandwiches for those that could build and entertained them with her jokes. Since then she has moved on and performed at dozens of Clubs, Corporate Events, and enumerable  Benefits, written and performed in Theater Plays, and  maintains a regular show night at her club Laurens Place on Cookie Island.

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Lauren has one child Lula. In a quirk of SecondLlife she lives in the sim Old Wives although she has never been married. When not working on comedy Lauren can be found landscaping at her home, making a gourmet meal or just kicking back on her dock reading a good novel. She is also writing an autobiography called, Beneath The Skin: Second Life Exposed and Laughter The orgasm you dont have to worry about if your partner is  finished.