MK Hobson Interview And Show Notes

MK Hobson one of this years Nebula Award nominees was our recent guest on Off the Shelf. Her new book, The Hidden Goddess, comes out today. In this interview, she talks about her work, historical fantasy in general, and gives us a glimpse into publishing from the author’s point of view. She is smart, charming, and has a tempestuous relationship with William Wordsworth.

Note: this is the first podcast Kghia Has recorded. Mary was a patient guest, and Gabi is a fantastic editor.

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Show Notes

Author Website

Music during the episode is from A Diary of Occurrences by The Glimmer Room from,

  1. Nebula Award
  2. Bustlepunk
  3. History “punk” timeline
  4. Don Quixote
  5. Whiskey Ring Scandal
  6. The Hidden Goddess

    The Hidden Goddess

    Harry Turtledove

  7. Eric Flint
  8. The Manchurian Candidate
  9. John Le Carre
  10. James Bond
  11. Joseph Campbell
  12. Erich Fromm
  13. Pulp fiction
  14. Dime novels
  15. Hoodoo (folk magic)
  16. The Hotel Astarte
  17. The Forsythe Saga by John Galsworthy
  18. Wobblies
  19. William Wordsworth
  20. Hell Notes
  21. Escape Pod
  22. Podcastle
  23. George RR Martin
  24. JK Rowling
  25. EL Doctorow
  26. Tim Powers
  27. Margaret Atwood
  28. William Dean Howell
  29. Gore Vidal
  30. Sinclair Lewis
  31. NK Jemisin
  32. Moonshine by Alaya Dawn Johnson


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