Off the Shelf’s interview with Daniel Wallace is now available

On today’s show, Kghia and Simeon interview Daniel Wallace, the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters, as well as a dozen more books that explore the underpinnings of the STAR WARS™ universe, including Star Wars: The Essential Atlasand The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

He is a regular contributor to Star Wars Insider magazine and assembled the questions used in the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game. In addition to making many contributions to the galaxy far, far away, he has written for universes including Indiana Jones, Smallville, Supernatural, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics.

His newest project, THE JEDI PATH: A MANUAL FOR STUDENTS OF THE FORCE, marks the first time Lucasfilm™ has authorized a book that comes from INSIDE the STAR WARS galaxy. This is the “last surviving copy” of a famous Jedi textbook that was all but eliminated following the Clone Wars.