20 Dec
Well Kghia Gherardi is flying to her parents for  Christmas this week and I have become so bored that I’m actually making a blog entry. What have I been doing to fill my time? I’ve been visiting  sims. Norwegian  storyteller Frigg Ragu  has been designing a region that retells the old folk story (are there any new ones?)  The Companion. It is a work in progress so  expect it to  improve. But it is definitely worth visiting already. Indeed there is a contest to add magic lantern slides to the work at the companion so hurry along to give yourself time to enter.
Outside of second life I explored Blue Mars where the Guv’ner of Caledon has recently established a colony. It’s interesting but  this  much mentioned possible successor to second life needs a lot of content and people before it can start to compete.
Elsewhere the indefatigable Viv Trafalgar has pulled together  the musings of  various of the self styled literati  of second life  Including Kghia and myself at Wolf Mountain in an article in about the tales of winter for the latest edition of  Prim Perfect.
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