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27 May

You may have noticed that I have been working on the harbour display lately. We now have a display of featured books. It provides information on the books that have recently been discussion topics at Bookstacks. Maybe we have talked to the author or made it a reading group topic – which reminds me I have to get Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Tiara Thibedeau is in charge of the display at the other end…the one marked Bookstacks Recommends (yes we finally got it out of mothballs.) This section displays books that have been recommended as exceptionally good by our members. The books and our members reviews, are also hosted on LibraryThing.
If you want to recommend a book, drop Tiara a notecard with your review on it and she will add it. Alternatively, there is a notecard collector if you want to leave your review that way.

In the middle are a number of noticeboards for our Bookstacks group members to use. These are free of charge but we reserve the right to remove them at any time.

(Note from Kghia: You can also see a list of our latest book reviews in the sidebar.)

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