Off the Shelf – The Learning Experience Episode

27 Apr

Radio Riel records the Off the Shelf podcast over Skype. Other than some inconsistencies in sound, we have been pretty successful so far. Until today. One of our guest could not get Skype to recognize his mic, even though he had successfully tested it the day before.

After trying several times to get the mic to work, we moved onto plan B. We moved to in-world voice. The sound quality wasn’t as good, the levels varied by person, but we went forward with the interview. Gabi diligently recorded the show…or so we all thought. Unfortunately the show didn’t actually record – we have a lovely show with the intro, outro and musical selection, but no interview.

Mark Eller and Glenn Manewell were excellent guests (Glenn was up before dawn in Australia to appear on the show). I’m not sure how we are going to rectify things, but when we figure it out, I’ll update you.

In the meantime, when I asked if we should call this episode 5 or pilot 2, our stage manager extraordinaire, Dilana, named the episode A Learning Experience.

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