Bookstacks Won’t Stop Growing

01 Sep

Well as you might have heard we have taken  over a sim and are renting  part of it out.

While Simeon breaks his back setting up the  venues this week pop over and say hi to him . Then  check out  the land we plan to rent. It is ready to view.

now where did I put  that handout

Welcome to Awen
About Awen:
Awen is the  Welsh for  poetical, even magical, inspiration. We hope to  provide an environment  to inspire you.  Abounding in natural  beauty  it has a varied landscape offering renters options when choosing a home  — sandy beaches, lush grasses and hills,  and extensive water.

The largest island  is the new home to Bookstacks, a popular meeting  places for literature,  music, and art lovers. Whether it’s coffee and a chat  by day or dancing by night you can find it at Bookstacks.

But if it quiet times you want, your private land gives you the space you need, or to share with friends.

About the Parcels:

We don’t do ugly,  but any attractive build is welcome at ground level. Modestly sized building are more likely to work in harmony with the  landscape. Above 400 metres anything goes,  so do any  building or place your * cough* discrete sky boxes up there.

Feel free to  remove anything you find on your land except the rent  box.  Don’t go over you  boundaries with out asking. Remember, good fences make good neighbours.

Some other FAQs:

1. Where is the house?
To give you the most freedom to create the home you’ve dreamed of, you are expected to supply your own build. Ask if you want a list of suppliers or build something that really fits. We will be happy to help and advise you.

2. How do I rent land?
Each parcel of available land has a  large rental box.  If you want to rent the house, right click and pay the sign a minimum of one week’s rent to a maximum of  five weeks’ rent.

3.  What if I pay my rent way in advance and then want to move?  Will I get a refund?
Yes we are happy to refund money; we want you to leave with good memories.

4. How do I know when rent is due?
Rent is paid at the beginning of the rental term. You will receive automatic reminder notices before the end of the lease.

5. What happens if my lease expires?
There is a brief grace period, and if we think you intended to pay, we will try to contact you. However, it is your responsibility to keep your lease up to date!  You receive several automated reminders, so if the rent isn’t paid, we assume that you intend to move out.  Your belonging will be returned and your parcel is made available to other renters.  We don’t want that to happen, so please try to be prompt  with your rent or speak to us if you anticipate any problems.

6. Can I open a business on my parcel?
Yes, businesses are welcome here. However businesses tend to cause lag. If your business is traffic or script heavy, we may refuse to renew your rent. Read the covenent for details on what is likely to  cause problems. Kindly avoid things that cause lag, such as rotate scripts and particle effects.

7. What happens if I go over my prim allotment?
You will be automatically notified, as will management.  If you do not reduce your prims within a reasonable time your items may be returned to you.

8. Does the land have media access?
Yes, speak to an estate manager if you want help accessing media streams.

9. Someone was in my cottage uninvited!
Unfortunately, this  hapens.  Despite door locks and security systems, there are exploits that people can use to get into your cottage.   Most people won’t, but there are always a few troublemakers.  Simply tell them to leave. Use the freeze or eject options that you can find when right clicking on the avatar.  You can ban named individuals from your land as well. Contact an estate manger if you think a sim wise ban is required.

10.  Can I use the Bookstacks facilities?
Yes, of course. And free of charge. If you would like to book one of the venues, please contact the estate manager.

11. I’m having difficulty altering my land.
We have deliberately made this less than easy to prevented others from accidentally changing your landscape. Make sure the “Beresford land holdings” group is active. To terraform a portion of the land you need to turn on “allow resident edit terrain” on your parcel’s “About Land” options. Be sure to deselect that option when you are finished. If you have problems or questions, please contact Simeon Beresford.

12. What if I have a question or problem?  Never hesitate to IM one of the Awen  managers for help. We are very responsive and will do all we can to make your home a pleasant one.

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