Book Events in Second Life, July 15 – July 21

15 Jul


2:00 pm
Open Mic Poetry (Catcher in the Rye)

Come join us to share your favorite poems, or listen as people read their own. Reading will take place in both text and voice, a microphone is not necessary, but being able to listen on voice is helpful.

Original poetry is especially encouraged and welcome! The meeting will be lead by the very talented Mr. Sabreman Carter. Hope to see you all there!


6:00 pm
Storytelling/Open Mic: AineMari Flanagan and David Itamae (West of Ireland Library)

Stories of all sorts, plus open mic


7:00 pm
Storyteller Han Sontse (West of Ireland Library)

One of our new storytellers, who likes Sci/Fan stories, reading ‘Ariel – Abook of the Change’ by Steven R. Boyett



Murder She Wrote (Guild of UK Writers)

Published author Cora Hawker reads from her thriller/horror novel “The Lesser of Two Evils”. Not for the faint-hearted. (Gathering held at the Stone Circle)


3:00 pm
Oral Interpretation of Poetry (Guild of UK Writers)

Julian Hifeng will teach an eight-part course in “Oral Interpretation of Poetry” here at MILK WOOD. (Gathering held at Poet’s Wood)


5:00-6:00 pm
Fairy Tale Discussion Group: Puss in Boots (Fiction & Lattes)

We have been reading so much about the ladies, its about time we read a good tale with a male character first and foremost! And who can possibly resist a cat wearing boots? Give the story a read and think on similarities with other stories, symbolism and realizations as to its content that might come about. Have an alternate version? Bring it along to share with the group! This group is conducted in text chat…you are welcome to use voice, just be sure you are willing to type for those who can’t hear!


7:00 pm
Storyteller Rei Hax (West of Ireland Library)

Rei Hax continues the reading of “Elder’s Game” by Orson Scott Card



5:00 pm
Poetry Reading (Fiction & Lattes)

Bring your favorite poetry…by any author or, yourself! Please have a bit of info about the author…not much just a little….and enjoy reading OR listening to poetry. Please be voice activated. 🙂 You don’t have to talk but need to have this feature enabled in order to hear. I will be reading selections from James Dickey and Elizabeth Bishop.

7:00 pm
Storyteller Shandon Loring (West of Ireland Library)

Chief Storyteller Shandon Loring delights us with Celtic Myths and Legends and stories of the little people in the Catskill Mountains of NY state



Book Trivia: Towns & Villages (Bookstacks)

This week’s trivia is all about settings, specifically towns and villages. Test your knowledge at Bookstacks Trivia. Winner receives $L250.


2:00 pm
Poetry & Pints: Flowers & Gardens (Bookstacks)

This month’s Poetry & Pints has a theme, flowers and gardens! Bring your poems to share in text or voice. You will want to have voice on to hear others reading.


2:00 pm
Storyteller Elder Priestman (West of Ireland Library)

Elder Priestman, another one of our new storytellers, begins reading tales from “Zion’s Cause” by Jim Peyton, tales from the old South


5:00 pm
Literary Discussion Group: The Tragedy of Julius Ceasar (Fiction & Lattes)

Discussion of Caesar, Antony, and the conspirators……not to mention the absent Cleopatra!

Please be voice activated! You don’t have to talk but need to have this feature enabled in order to hear. If you have not read the play…no worries….I can guide u through it and can send u a notecard with a summary…just IM me! ~SIDDA LEIGH



11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Book Moochers’ Sunday Social (Bookstacks)

A social gathering for all book lovers, writers, and others with a literary interest. Bookstacks recently expanded to include a little beach property, so this week we are meeting there. Beachwear and books. Great combination.

11:00 am
Feminist Science Fiction Reading Group (Minerva)

We’ll be reading Native Tongue, by Suzette Hayden Elgin. We’ll be meeting under the big tree at the south end of the beach. If you haven’t finished the book, you can still join in the discussion. Go to the discussion questions page


2:00-3:00 pm
Book Discussion: The Sea Wolf by Jack London (Steelhead Public Library)

A discussion of Jack London’s stirring epic. From “The Sea-Wolf was published in 1904, during the time of London’s great successes with The Call of the Wild, published the year before. It tells of Humphrey Van Weyden, an amateur literary critic who finds himself picked up by the sealing schooner Ghost when the ship that he is travelling on across the San Francisco Bay collides with a steamer. A new central character emerges in the form of Wolf Larson. Larson is a fierce, strong and ruthless industrialist. After the Ghost rescues some refugees near Japan on its sealing expedition, Larson and Van Weyden come into conflict over the poet Maude Brewster. In time Brewster and Van Weyden manage to escape to a desert island together. However, in time, the Ghost finds itself drawn to them half-wrecked and without a sail. Larson is now in a sorry, semi-paralysed state and even though Van Weyden and Brewster manage to find a way to sail the ship away, Larsen dies a sad and individualistic creature while Van Weyden shows his nature as a moral and decent individual.”


2:00 pm
Trivia Quest: Anatomy, Movies & Children’s Books (Guild of UK Writers)

As the name implies, it is all about trivia – a night of trivia to be exact (or as we Brits like to call it a PUB QUIZ). Harriet Gausmann is writing the questions and hosting this week. Dress theme: MOVIES. Quiz winner: $L250 and Best-dressed winner: $L250. (Gathering held in the Lounge Bar of the Main House)



2:00-3:00 pm
Fantasy Storytelling (Guild of UK Writers)

A book discussion and look at the historical whailing industry of New England.

The Great American Novel? A great treatise on ..or apolgy for…whaling? A great throbbingly overworked phallic metaphor? A great bloody bore? Herman Mellivle’s “Moby-Dick, or The Whale” is revered and controversial, loved and derided. The novel is also an enduring source of cultural references, from the highfalutin’ all the way down to Jeff Smith’s graphic novel series “Bone”…and a certain Great White Coffee Chain. What’s sure is that it is a great walloping leviathan of a novel, stuffed with brilliant prose, skillful metaphor, sly humor, and narrow observation.

All misunderstood cetaceans, obsessed captains, idle observers, dauntless harpooners, and sweet-talking bosuns are welcome to join us, whether they have read the work or not

Contact Trudy Takacs for more information


6:00-8:00 pm
Book Discussion: Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare (Caledon Library)

Bellicose Tybalt, fanciful Mercutio, the bawdy Nurse, the compassionate Friar, the tender and tragic lovers, the proud Capulets and the haughty Montagues, each strut and fret their hour upon the stage in Shakespeare’s endlessly popular, endlessly reinterpreted tragedy of young love’s power and pathos. All are welcome at this discussion, whether they have read the play or not.



Sun, July 20 – Sat, July 26
Shakespeare Summer: Romeo and Juliet (Caledon Library)
Radio Riel:

The second month of Shakespeare Summer, produced by Radio Riel in cooperation with the Caledon Library, and funded by the Foundation for Rich Content. Radio Riel’s “From The Library” programming all this week will feature music from, thematically connected to, or providing commentary and sidelights on, The Bard’s eternally popular play of the impetuosities and tragedies of youthful love. Programming & events this week lead up the the Romeo & Juliet Ball on July 26th. Visit Radio Riel at for details of the programming

Daily, Sunday – Friday

Noon-1:00 pm
The URU Book Club Readings (URU)

Live Book Readings at the Explorers Community Center (starting a new book – The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz). Must have voice enabled to hear the reading.

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