Book Events, June 3-June 9

03 Jun

This week we are adding events from the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center. If you would like me to include your bookish events, please drop me a notecard. Materials should be submitted by 4 p.m. SLT Mondays.

~Thanks, Kghia Gherardi

11:00 am – Poetry and Prose (Guild of UK Writers)

Share your own work or ask one of our guest poets to read for you. OPEN MIC. Very popular event. (GATHERING HELD AT THE STONE CIRCLE)


6:00 pm –  Storyteller AineMarii Flanagan (West of Ireland Library & Cultural Center)

Stories old and new…and open mic


1:00 pm –  Murder She Wrote (Guild of UK Writers)

Published author Cora Hawker reads from her thriller/horror novel “The Lesser of Two Evils”. Not for the faint-hearted. (GATHERING HELD AT THE STONE CIRCLE)

5:00-6:30 pm Fairy Tale Discussion Group….Beauty & the Beast (Fiction & Lattes) (Note, this is a new location)

A beautiful, young woman. A man cursed as a beast. Why does this tale appeal? This group is conducted mainly in text chat.  You are welcome to use voice, but will have to type as well for those who don’t have this feature enable to be included.


7:00 pm –  Storyteller Rei Hax (West of Ireland Library & Cultural Center)

Science Fiction


4:00 pm –  Biblio Geeks Trivia (Guild of UK Writers)

Every fortnight we will have a book trivia and discussion night where the winner will take home 250 lindens. I will write the questions about a chosen book or set of books and you will challenge yourself to answer correctly. This Thursday will be the turn of  the ever popular HARRY POTTER series. (GATHERING HELD AT THE MILK BAR)


6:00-8:00 pm – Discussion Group: Shakespeare: What makes his works so wonderful? (Fiction & Lattes) (Note, this is a new location)

Shakespeare’s works are considered classic, and they are universal enough to stand the test of time. But what makes them so wonderful? Explore the subject at this week’s discussion group.


7:00 pm –  Storyteller Shandon Loring (West of Ireland Library & Cultural Center)

Celtic Myths and Legends


Noon –  Book Trivia: The Elements (Bookstacks)

Fire, wind, water, earth. Hydrogen, helium, oxygen? This week’s trivia focuses on the elements in literature. Step up and play. The winner takes home $L250.


11:00 am – Moochers’ Meet (Bookstacks)

A social gathering for book lovers, readers, and writers. We meet at a different location each time to give us an opportunity to explore Second Life. This week we are meeting at Syncretia. Give yourself plenty of time to explore this amazing sim. You will enter at a telehub. We are meeting in the tent on the east side of the island.

2:00 pm – Writers’ Retreat (Guild of UK Writers)

A chance for writers of all genres to meet, share and discuss their work. Time can also be used to write or share freelance markets, ideas and tips for publication. This is all about helping one other and getting results. Guest readers on hand to read for you. Don’t come empty handed….share, share, share! (GATHERING HELD AT THE STONE CIRCLE)


5:00-8:00 pm  – Story Session at the Falling Anvil: Jack Tars & Commedores (Caledon Library)

“Here are tinkers, tailors & shoemakers lie snoring fast asleep
While we poor souls on the ocean wide are plowing through the deep
Our officers commanded us, and it’s them we must obey
Expecting every moment for to get cast away”

Join the old salts, coasters, stowaways, privateers & other bold seafaring folk of the Falling Anvil for stories & songs of life at sea. Anyone with a tale to tell of high adventure on the high seas, mermaids, shipwrecks, bold raids, buffeting storms and miscellaneous maritime misadventures is welcome to come tell a tale, and all lovers of story are welcome to join us simply to listen. The evening is sponsored by the Caledon Library and the Clan of Seafarers & Storytellers, and hosted by Aldo Stern.

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