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Interview with author Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine Kathryn Rusch spends a great deal of time exploring what if. She writes science fiction, fantasy, romance and mystery. A Hugo Award winning editor and a co-publisher of Pulphouse, not to mention an avid reader, Kristine has a broad view of the publishing industry, which she shares regularly on her website.

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Show Notes

Author Website | Amazon Author Pages: US / UK
This show’s music: “Universe Acceptable by Ash Ganley on the album Universe Acceptable available on

The interview begins by discussing Kristines writing…and reading…routine. Then we discussed some of her writing including The Retrieval Artist, which was based on a Hugo-nominated short story, and the space-opera series Into the Wreck. We also discuss how she transitions a short story into larger works.

We moved on to discuss writing two types of mystery novels futuristic and the 1960s-based Smokey Dalton series, which she publishes as Kris Nelscott.

Kristine publishes romance novels under the name Kristine Grayson. She began her writing career with a desire to write historical romances, but she decide to write something that required less research. She met Kevin J Anderson  who pointed her to the fantasy markets that would be interested in her work.  Her current romances often involve updating classic myths and fairy tales, which has its origins in a Daw Books anthology she contributed to.

Kristine, along with her husband Dean Wesley Smith, are regular writers in the Star Trek franchise and Star Wars.

The publishing industry information Kristine shares on her website evolved from the workshops she and her husband offered. The first incarnation with the Freelancers Survival Guide.  She got advice about setting up the website from  Michael J Totten  and Scott William Carter. After the guide, she started writing more about the publishing industry, and because of her experience owning a publishing company, as an editor and as a writer, she felt she had a lot she could share.

The last portion of the interview focuses on the state of publishing today. Kristine has great insights to independent and e-publishing, the control writers have over then own career, and the resurgence of magazines and the short story.

Also mentioned: Amanda Hocking, John Lock, and David Wellington.

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Author Michael A Stackpole on Off the Shelf May 1

Michael A Stackpole has conquered galaxies both near and far, writing such notable books as I, Jedi; Talion: Revenant, and the Battletech novel Assumption of Risk. One of Mikes latest works, In Hero YearsIm Dead, plays with genres with entertaining results. He is also a generous contributor to the writer community, with his series The Secrets and the office hours he hosts here in Second Life. Please join us on Sunday, May 1 at 1:00 pm as Simeon and I talk to Mike about his works, his career, and even his experiences with e-publishing. It will be a thought-provoking and entertaining interview.

If you cant join us in-world, please listen live on RadioRiel.

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Author Gail Carriger on Off the Shelf March 6

Gail Carriger combines urban fantasy, or rather urbane fantasy, with Steampunk and a generous dose of humor to create the world of The Parasol Protectorate. The author of Soulless, Changeless, and Blameless will be our guest on the March 6 Off the Shelf podcast at 1pm PT. The podcast will air live on Radio Riel and you are invited to join us in-world at the podcast studio during the recording. (Note: Ms Carriger will not be join us in-world.)

Im a fan of Ms. Carrigers work, and I cant wait to find out more about Alexi Tarabotti, Lord Maccon, and of course, Lord Akeldama.

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