Off the Shelf Show Notes: April 12, 2009

13 Apr

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This weeks show featured Manx Wharton and Explorer Dastardly.

Websites mentioned at the beginning of the show:

Music: Wayside Park by John Williams on the album Long Ride Home

Manx Wharton poet, musician and artist. Manx skillful combines the thoughtful, the though-provoking and the irreverent.

Explorer Dastardly Explorers mother, Fanny Starr, is a Holocaust survivor and lecturer. Explorer brings her mother and her mothers story into Second Life, carrying on the legacy of informing and educating about prejudice and hate crimes that her parents began.

Books in which Explorers family are mentioned:

  • A Time To Speak, by Dr. Jeanne Manning
  • The Triumphant Spirit, by Nick De Calzo (note: Explorers father and uncle appear on the cover of this book. Their arms show the consecutive numbers that served as id in the concentration camps.)

Fanny Starr/Explorer Dastardly will next appear in Second Life as part of the Virtual Pioneers series:
Time: April 26, 2009 from 5pm to 6pm (SLT)
Location: WNYRIC Building- Lighthouse Learning Island

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